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Can you answer these questions about your fitness?

What you should know Far too often individuals attempt to tackle workout programs that are arbitrarily composed, and not specific to what the individual may need. In the fitness profession, we refer to these programs as "cookie-cutter" programs. These programs are a one-size-fits-all, and are great at getting people to move in the direction of "dipping their toes" in the world of exercise. Is this a bad thing? No, nor is it paramount to ones success in physical fitness, or overall health. Let's talk about why. What are you aiming at? You may want to lose weight, gain muscle, or tone up. So how does someone typically approach this type of goal? Well the inquisitive populations would surface research exercises under the titles of "best weight loss exercises", or "how to lose weight fast." The results they find? Either poor nutrition advice, cookie-cutter programs, or the infamous sales pitch for a new ground breaking, innovative, clinically researched, tried and true weight loss apparatus (a.k.a waist trimmers). Tip: Stay away from these. I will be entirely transparent, and admit that misguiding nutrition advice, and cookie cutter programs could very likely result in weight loss. If you just thought to yourself "Oh, well say less, I'm done reading, and I'm off to acquire these!" please hold, and allow me to enlighten you for just 2 more minutes. Think long term. The previously mentioned methods are not paramount due to their inability to foster and sustain long term results. Quite frankly, the results you do achieve through these methods may not even be the results you actually need. We'll chat about this at a later time. If your pursuant to long term success for your health, and fitness, try answering these questions; - How is your flexibility, extensibility, and mobility? - How is your balance? - How is your muscular endurance? - How is your ability to recover? - How is your rate of perceived exertion for certain exercises? - How is your cardio respiratory health? - What imbalances do you have? - What weaknesses do you have? And most importantly; how do you know what exercises need to be employed in your programs? Were you able to answer these? Whether you were or not, I urge you to continue reading.

How you can gain access to these answers There are several ways to gain the answers to these questions, and I'm going to provide you with the best sources below. 1.) Physical fitness assessment (Overall fitness, movement patterns, and imbalances) 2.) InBody scan (Internal detection of imbalances, and body composition analysis)

3.) Nutritional consultation (Address fitness assessment, and body scan) Great, so this was a sales pitch all along?! No. We actually offer all of these for free! But please, just 30 more seconds of your time and I can explain. 1.) Fitness professionals are trained and experienced with movement assessments along with consulting you on your overall fitness condition. 2.) InBody scanners provide a comprehensive body composition analysis that will allow for a more customized program leading to your ultimate success. 3.) Nutrition consultations provide full transparency on your eating habits to ensure you are supporting your programs with stellar eating habits, and food choices. Conclusion What works for you, will likely not work for everyone else. Plain and simple. The best approach for long term physical fitness, and health succession plans will be derived from your custom analysis along with a strategically composed program. I truly hope this content helps you as you find empowerment in your life.


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