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Deal with it...

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

What it means You read that right; deal with it. Throughout life we are all faced with a linear series of events that may be perceived as fortunate, or not so fortunate. I'm not going to open up on how we perceive things or how we should be mindful of the full context of each and every situation we are placed in; I'll save that for another day. This post is simply focused on what "dealing with it" could mean and how we can leverage this as a means to move one step or even several steps forward. I'm going to demonstrate what moving forward and making progress with a simple mental strategy will look like... all confined within a 3 minute article. Let's dive in. Sound familiar? "Oh you're not happy with that? Deal with it." "Yeah it sucks how that played out, you're going to have to deal with it." "You didn't do what was required, deal with it." "Life's tough, deal with it." "You just have to deal with it." I would imagine one of the above phrases have come across your auditorial perception at some point in time, if not, maybe throught text, or email. It doesn't necessarily have to be in those exact words either, sometimes it may be delivered through actions or other formations of words. On certain occasions, these words may be delivered softly, or harshly depending on the context. The phrase "deal with it" doesn't typically leave us reposed in a state of feeling secure, or calm. It is usually followed by a string of bad news or an event we may not find ourselves ecstatic to have a role in. In addition, someone else telling us to deal with something never feels good, but disregard those people, we're taking this head on. Let's attempt to control our emotions, and take on a new perspective to this. Control your mind's framework What if we told ourselves to "deal with it," rather than wait to be told by an external source that we need to take this on as an option? Perhaps we would feel less trapped, and view our options as more fruitful. This is a self-initiated behavior that offers more solution, and reward than the latter of reacting, and playing victim. Theres another term for this; it's called being proactive. Being proactive in essence is us holding ourselves accountable. This means if we are aware something needs to be taken care of, we do it. To clarify, taking care of something doesn't have to be physically accomplishing something, it could simply be shifting your mindset to deal with a problematic situation. The strategy Great, so hopefully we've removed the negative notion from the phrase "deal with it." If it still lingers, please re-read the previous paragraph to understand it deeply. Let's keep moving forward. Here's the strategy, plain and simple. Going forward, at any point in time, when you are faced with a task, or event that appears cumbersome, stressful, or emits pervasiveness, I suggest you tell yourself to "deal with it". "This guy's kidding right?" "This is the solution he offers?" "How on earth will this help?"

"There's so many other situations that this is irrelevant to." If those are your immediate thoughts, I suggest you double down on this advice. Implementing this advice will initiate a battle in your head. Why? Because you're now combatting an old mindset that once would've condoned the thought process of not dealing with something, and hoping it disappears. Let's be honest, we all know how that ends, and if you get by once you'll likely falter when it reoccurs, which it will. Take things head on, and don't look back.


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