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Take charge, and how to start.

Consider this Have you ever felt drained, exhausted, or lacking the ability to get moving, and create something productive in your day? To follow up, Have you ever felt an unprecedented rush of inspiration, motivation, or overall ability to crush the objectives in your path? Were you able to capture the reasoning behind any of this? What caused the enervation that led you to float through the day, and avoid proactivity? Or oppositely, what promoted the energy to go crush the to-do list you've been putting off, and be proactive. I would imagine anyone reading this article has experienced these emotional turbulences at some point in their life, if not on a daily basis. The leading question is, can this be controlled? Our emotions and feelings are fleeting. But learning to manage them when present is an excellent start. Objective To clarify, I'm not a psychologist, I am a health, wellness, and fitness coach. I'm not writing this article to make any medical claims. I've been through the trenches myself, and I've helped guide many other individuals through similar scenarios. I'm writing this article to reach those of you who experience what I've previously mentioned, and lend a hand. Learning the topic discussed in this article could be the gateway you need to recognize, and take ownership of the actions you make on a daily basis. Taking this type of ownership could ultimately lead to you make life changing decisions resulting in a reformed way of living. Let's get started. Check Yourself Think about the things in your own life that motivate you, create a trace of happiness, or inspiration. Try to think of at least 3 things. (they can be anything). Now think of some things in your life that make you uncomfortable, uneasy, or create a diffident character you're not exactly happy with. Again, try to find at least 3 things. How much, and how often do you currently employ the things that make you happy, inspired, or lift you up? Take your time thinking. How much, and how often do you employ the things that are contrary to what lifts you up? Remember, this is just some article you stumbled upon on the internet. You don't have to write your answers out anywhere, and you don't have to vocalize them either. I'm reminding you of this, because it's critical you're entirely transparent, and honest with yourself. If you can't do that, then this advice will only take you so far, and I'm willing to bet it's not as far as you would like to go. How to implement

We've shed some light on the things that either lift you up, or put you down. Now, it's time to get to work. The number one step is simple.

1. Focus on what inspires, motivates, or lifts you up. Think of a skill you may have, a hobby you enjoy, or something that has fostered the feeling of accomplishment, and inspiration. Focusing on this promotes a notion of worth, or achievement, which in turn can lead to feelings of determination. Wondering how to focus on this? Try to involve this more in your day-to-day life for a start. 2. Focus solely on the things you have control over. This requires time, patience, and practice. This requires you to be more self-aware of the situations you may find yourself in. When you learn to focus on what you have control over, you find yourself able to focus more intently on what matters, rather than what does not. If your mind is grasping in every which direction for the thought of what you have absolute control over, you can start with your verbal, and physical reaction to situations. 3. Plan, execute, re-evaluate. One prevalent flaw in our ability to being proactive is lack of strategy, and planning. If we lack planning, whether short, or long term, we lack directive. When we lack directive, we find ourselves in a pit of despair similar to the one discussed at the beginning of this article. I suggest writing down a list of the most important things that come to your mind. Give yourself a time frame to finish them, and hold yourself to it.

The purpose Carry your own weather, focus on your own abilities, and have your own plan with intent to execute. It can be as simple as this, but it still requires commitment. Realize these tips aren't going to create some magical life where you wake up every day feeling 100%, and with motivation to accomplish everything you've ever dreamed of. I recommend you implement these tips, especially on days when you feel face down in the dumps. Expect that on your good, or best days, you'll thank yourself for persevering. Why. Your best day may not of been as great if you hadn't pushed through the bad. Do the hard work on the hard days, and enjoy the fruits of that labor on the good. The more you go through the cycle of good and bad days, all while employing this practice, you're likely to experience self-growth and accomplishment.


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